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Who are we

The DOOKE company was born because of the abundant demand for qualified rope technicians. Given its objectives, the company is represented in three countries: Côte d'Ivoire for West and North Africa, Cameroon for Central Africa and France for Europe.

DOOKE has developed a branch of rope work, which allows it to operate at dizzying heights and in confined and difficult to access. Qualified rope technicians and a strong network of partners in Africa, Europe

Our services

Dooke offers many specialized services in building, industry, telecommunications and security.

Buildings & TP

DOOKE has civil engineering professionals, it is in real technicians that we put our skills at your service.

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DOOKE is specialized in interventions on industrial sites, aware of safety and environmental constraints.

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DOOKE works safely in the field of telecommunications and has qualified and experienced technicians.

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How to ensure the safety of all? DOOKE deploys a structured and rigorous operational approach.

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