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DOOKE is incorporated as a commercial company by a team of multi-skilled entrepreneurs, who are working hard to develop and promote rope technique in Africa.

DOOKE has developed a branch of rope work, which allows it to operate at dizzying heights and in confined and difficult to access. Qualified rope technicians and a strong network of partners in Africa, Europe and the United Arab Emirates are the team with which the company evolves.

Combining mountaineering techniques and experience in various trades, our rope technicians, always looking for new means of access to the workstation, can intervene on all terrains, at all altitudes and in all seasons. Bringing a safer alternative, cheaper and faster to implement than cranes, nacelles and scaffolding.

The training, qualifications and experience of our rope access technicians allow us to respond to most requests and to carry out work safely. We work on ropes on all our sites. Our team is trained in the use of knots and rope techniques.

  • Cleaning and maintenance of glazed, tiled and concrete windows.
  • Cleaning the cladded facades
  • Paint and coating
  • Sealing
  • Maintenance and painting
  • Medium voltage electricity
  • Descent of wastewater or rainwater
  • Masonry repairs
  • Non destructive testing and control
  • Sandblasting and painting
  • HP water jet cleaning / suction
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Silo cleaning, cell, tank
  • Secured
  • Cladding, insulation and roofing
  • Assembly of all types of pylons
  • Control and inspection of pylons
  • Installation and lubrication of the stays
  • Antenna placement and antenna support
  • Beacon light pose
  • Painting and maintenance of pylons
  • Drone aerial photography
  • Control and inspections by drone
  • Installation of system of video surveillance

Danger: Our planet is warming up. Think ecology.

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