The company

The Company

DOOKEis a commercial corporate led by a team of multi-talented entrepreneurs who work hard to develop and promote rope access works techniques in Africa.

DOOKEhas developed a branch of rope access works that permits it to work in vertiginous heights, in stuffy and hard to get to environment. DOOKE relies on a team of rope access technicians and a huge network of partners in Africa, Europe and United Arab Emirates.

Combining climbing techniques and experience in a wide range of professions, our access rope technicians are constantly in search of new ways to access workplace. They can operate in all fields, on any altitude and in all seasons. Bringing a more reliable alternative, cheaper and faster to implement than cranes, strings and scaffolding.

The training, qualifications and the experience of our rope access technicians enable us to satisfy most of demands and to work safely.We use ropes to work on the whole of our working sites. Our team is trained to use knot and in rope techniques.

Our services


  • Cleaning and upkeep of bay windows, tiles and concretes
  • Cleaning of protected façade
  • Painting and Coating
  • Sealing
  • Maintenance and Repainting
  • Medium Voltage Electricity
  • Waste water or rainwater skid down
  • Rehabilitation of masonry


Industry ON / OFF Shore

  • Inspection and non-destructive testing
  • Cladding, roofing and insulation
  • Installation, lifting and dismantling of infrastructures
  • Industrial maintenance
  • HP Waterjet Cleaning
  • Painting and coating - Industrial
  • Secured
  • Aerial shot by drone


  • Assembly of all types of pylons
  • Inspection and inspection of pylons
  • Installation and lubrication of shrouds
  • Installation of antennas and antenna support
  • Beacon light installation
  • Painting and maintenance of pylons
  • Aerial shot by drone
  • Monitoring and inspection by drone
  • Installation of video surveillance systems
  • Installation of anti-theft device
  • On-Site Intrusion Detection System Installation

Danger: Our planet warms up. Think ecology.

Our clients