How do we guarantee everyone’s security? We have an organised and rigorous operational approach. Safety is a prerequisite for your activities. We cannot work when it is not guarantee. The reliability, the sustainability of your enterprise and, above all, the security of your personnel depend on it.

That is why DOOKE emphasises on industrial risk management and on strict and systematic application of security norms. Our security approach and the achievement of our goal are based on this: to be known as your security partner and referent.

The periodical verification and control of life lines and anchor sets are recommended by CNAMTS R430 and Article R4224-17 of Labour Code.


    Our control activities include:
  • Control of signaletics
  • Verification of file update during control
  • Visual verification of the preserving state of the elements put in place
  • Extractometer non-destructive control according to EN 795
  • Verification and Control Report


    Our control activities include:
  • Verification of life line adjustments, cable voltage and instant readjustment if necessary.
  • Control of the whole anchors according to EN 795 norm
  • Functioning anchor sets and life lines tests
  • Control of signaletics
  • Sphygmomanometer non-destructive control for life line
  • Verification and Control Report

The minimal period for visiting is 1 year. It can be increased in case of specific environmental constrains.


  • Verification of the updated file during control
  • Visual verification of the preserving state of the elements put in place
  • A Verification Report

The verification and control of the fall proof safety life net, ladders, grating, weatherboarding, steel frame, lift on device are definitely within our competences.

Some Great Achievements

Our services


  • Cleaning and upkeep of bay windows, tiles and concretes
  • Cleaning of protected façade
  • Painting and Coating
  • Sealing
  • Maintenance and Repainting
  • Medium Voltage Electricity
  • Waste water or rainwater skid down
  • Rehabilitation of masonry


Industry ON / OFF Shore

  • Inspection and non-destructive testing
  • Cladding, roofing and insulation
  • Installation, lifting and dismantling of infrastructures
  • Industrial maintenance
  • HP Waterjet Cleaning
  • Painting and coating - Industrial
  • Secured
  • Aerial shot by drone


  • Assembly of all types of pylons
  • Inspection and inspection of pylons
  • Installation and lubrication of shrouds
  • Installation of antennas and antenna support
  • Beacon light installation
  • Painting and maintenance of pylons
  • Aerial shot by drone
  • Monitoring and inspection by drone
  • Installation of video surveillance systems
  • Installation of anti-theft device
  • On-Site Intrusion Detection System Installation

Danger: Our planet warms up. Think ecology.

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